Welcome to Escape!

You are stuck in a mysterious cave where mystical orbs and unrelenting enemies spawn at different places per gameplay. The key objective is to get out of the place but before you can do so, you have to collect seven (7) orbs to get through the wall that blocks the only way out.

This game was originally created to help promote my friend Toby’s “Catacombs” pack which is available in Unity Asset Store. To check it out, simply visit TobyFredson’s page in https://www.assetstore.unity3d... and look for the “Catacombs” pack. In this game, you’ll get to see the fantastic high-quality assets he offers.

I hope you'll enjoy the game. :)

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Published7 days ago
Tags3D, escape, Horror, Ludum Dare 38, unity3d, webplayer

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